My Golf Guide Media Services

My Golf Guide offers a complete range of media services for the complete promotion of the golf industry.

My Golf Guide works with golf courses to produce custom media services at a much lower cost than most media companies. These media services include:

Custom Local Area Brochure Production, Print and Distribution

My Golf Guide produces, prints and distributes local area brochures to over 1000 tourist spots throughout Canada and the north west USA. Because we combine your production, printing and distribution costs with our own, we are able to lower your ultimate cost to do your very own brochure.

Website and Email : My Golf Guide LIVE!

Getting your message across to Internet visitors is important. Visitors to My Golf Guide are also referred through a linking program to your very own website. If you do not have a website, you have two options; use your My Golf Guide Full Course Profile as your site or use My Golf Guide Live as your solution.

My Golf Guide Live is our solution to you. Easy to use, make changes in real time all from the convenience of your course. Pricing for My Golf Guide Live with two "" email accounts start at $200 per year.

For more information on My Golf Guide Media Services, please contact us (click here)